Amanda Skrzypchak
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Amanda Skrzypchak | Director of Learning & Leadership

As the Director of Leadership & Learning at Gary Community Ventures, Amanda Skrzypchak leads a team dedicated to developing and creating an impactful experience for all Gary staff. Collectively, her team is responsible for creating streamlined, org-wide systems and experiences, as well as managing all components of the Piton Fellowship.

Amanda has deep experience as a managing director, with a demonstrated history of working in the education and nonprofit management sectors. She has spent more than a decade focused on strategic planning, instructional design and curriculum development, with the majority of that time being spent in Metro Denver’s education system, where she has served as a managing director for Teach for America and a chief of staff in Denver Public Schools’ Equity & Engagement Division. She has also earned a Master of Social Work (MSW) with a focus in Community Leadership from the University of Denver.

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I would like to see business people try to solve social problems with the same imagination and energy they use to finance a factory or make a deal. Don’t call it philanthropy; call it corporate social investment. Make it integral to business.