Policy & Adcocacy

Creating Change to Last for


Advancing transformative policies, investing in a thriving policy ecosystem, and supporting ongoing improvement of public systems in order to create scalable, long-lasting impact at the state and local level.

In our activities we look for opportunities to be a catalyst in the formation of ventures that combine the resources and talents of the public and private sector.”

Sam Gary1980 Annual Report

Transforming the Policy Landscape

Breaking down barriers to opportunity often requires dismantling systems and policies that perpetuate inequity and complexity. As we learn about the solutions proven to deliver the most impact, we seek to expand and sustain that impact across Colorado through lasting policy change. Through Gary Advocacy, our policy and advocacy team advances transformative policies aimed at changing systems and unlocking dollars to better serve Colorado kids and families. We also invest in a thriving policy ecosystem and ongoing improvement of public systems in order to create transformational policies at the state and local level. This includes investing in campaigns to support ballot measures, engaging in state legislative work, advocating for city or county measures, and supporting government entities with quality policy implementation.

Scalable, Sustainable Solutions

Our founders, Sam and Nancy Gary, began investing in policy change long ago when they helped write the state’s first charter school law. More recently, we helped pass a bill and ballot measure to provide free preschool to every 4-year old in the state. We also brought together a bipartisan coalition of 260 stakeholders to pass Colorado’s first statewide ballot initiative to increase affordable housing across the state. 

Discover the policy solutions we’ve helped develop.

Denver Preschool Program

Pioneering childhood education in Colorado

Making Colorado Affordable With Prop 123

Increasing affordable housing through a historic ballot measure

Family Affordability Tax Credit

Ensuring Colorado is more affordable and equitable to raise children through HB-1311

Discover New Possibilities

Together, we will create the change our community wants to see. Whether you want to discover more about our ventures, or connect with a member of our team, we want to hear from you.