Youth Success

Strengthening Youth Success
In School and Beyond

We believe all young people deserve the skills, support, and strong relationships to chart their future.

I find it compelling to see if there’s some way that I can share the opportunities that I’ve sort of taken for granted in my life and try to facilitate opportunities for other people who, really through no fault of their own, have not had the same advantages.”

Sam GaryFounder

Our Approach to Partnership

Across our Youth Success initiatives we prioritize organizations that share our equity values and advance the promise and potential of kids and families from low-income backgrounds and BIPOC communities. We specifically partner with values aligned-organizations focused on children and families in Denver, Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties.

Together we aim to develop solutions that help young people increase academic skills, advance youth wellbeing, and expand opportunities for postsecondary success.

Increasing Academic Skills

Our systems must dramatically reduce the gaps in student academic performance.

We look for partners and innovations in the areas of math and literacy, with a focus on academic personalization for students of color, multilingual learners, and students with learning disabilities to accelerate outcomes for kids. And, we seek partners who are working to increase and sustain a quality and diverse teacher workforce to accelerate outcomes for kids.

Advancing Youth Wellbeing

Our systems must provide more youth with preventive supports, ensuring high acuity care is reserved for those in greatest need.

We look for partners and innovations working in prevention and early intervention areas of youth wellbeing, with a specific focus on youth of color and 2SLBGTQ+ youth. In particular, we focus on building young people’s sense of purpose, ensuring they have trusting relationships with peers and adults, and providing early screening and interventions.

Increasing Postsecondary Success

Our systems must equip more students with the skills and postsecondary plans that lead to family-sustaining careers. 

We focus on 9th grade success and the expansion of postsecondary and work-based learning opportunities in high school. We partner with organizations advancing outcomes in both of these areas.

Learn more about improved outcomes in Youth Success below.

Outside our Focus: The work below falls outside of our focus areas, where other philanthropic organizations may be better positioned to lead.

  • Areas outside our funding strategies (including areas typically funded by public dollars such as curricula, teacher professional learning, etc.)
  • General ongoing operating costs
  • Acute clinical services
  • Scholarships 
  • Capital construction

Breakthrough Solutions in Youth Success

STAND for Children

9th grade status is a strong predictor of graduation. Learn how you can advocate for this program.

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Piton Youth Cohort

Gary Community Ventures is helping Metro Denver’s next generation of changemakers. 

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My Spark Denver

My Spark Denver is billed as a first-of-its-kind, helping low-income students join after-school activities.

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How We Create Impact

We believe that business, policy and philanthropy can—and—should work together to solve the toughest problems facing our community. Across all our outcome areas we use our resources to make impact investments, fund policy and advocacy, provide philanthropic grants, and incubate new social change solutions through our New Ventures Lab.

We’re always working on the next breakthrough solution to help kids and families thrive.

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