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COVIDCheck Colorado, LLC Requests for Employment Verification


Grant and Funding Inquiries

While we’re not currently accepting traditional grant proposals, we are searching for solutions to a variety of problems facing Colorado kids and families. We invite you to learn more about Gary’s approach to problem-solving or submit a breakthrough solution to the problems we’re trying to solve.

General Office Inquiries    

Fax: 303-628-3834    
Mail: Gary Community Ventures, 1705 17th Street, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80202

Office of the President & CEO

Annabel Arroyo

Executive Assistant 

Phone: 303-454-3737        

Media Relations Inquiries

Chyrise Harris

Vice President of Communications & External Affairs 

Phone: 720-341-1723        

Human Resources Inquiries

Robyn Tsukayama
Director of People and Strategic Operations 

Phone: 303-454-3768      

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COVIDCheck Colorado, LLC Requests for Employment Verification

COVIDCheck Colorado, LLC is a venture of Gary Ventures, Inc.

Most COVIDCheck Colorado sites were staffed by 3rd party staffing agencies. Individuals at these sites were not employed by COVIDCheck Colorado, LLC directly.

For Employment Verifications, please contact your employer/staffing agency. For example a pay stub or W2 will indicate the appropriate agency. 

Gary Ventures, Inc. can only provide verifications of employees that were employed by Gary Ventures Inc.

Below is a list of the agencies used with contact information.* 

Experience Factor
(303) 300-6976


3 Point Recruiting
(720) 506-9812

*Note: Other agencies might have been used, please check with your contact for the appropriate agency.

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I would like to see business people try to solve social problems with the same imagination and energy they use to finance a factory or make a deal. Don’t call it philanthropy; call it corporate social investment. Make it integral to business.