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Ashley Hill | Corporate Counsel

With a license to practice law in both Colorado and Texas, Ashley finds herself drawn to the intricacies within the nonprofit sector. After being a civil litigator for a handful of years, Ashley joined the nonprofit world and focused exclusively on extending health care access to underserved communities in Colorado’s rural mountain towns. She later joined Gary to expand her influence in creating systems level change in a variety of issue areas impacting Colorado communities.

Ashley prides herself on being a creative problem solver. In her role as Gary’s Corporate Counsel, she  supports the organization’s efforts to invest in for-profit and philanthropic solutions designed to improve life outcomes for Colorado  kids and families. Ashley’s role includes all components of philanthropic investment management, from structuring philanthropic investment agreements, providing data to show the alignment of community philanthropic investments to the strategic plan, to managing the philanthropic investment database and supporting efficient internal philanthropic investment processes. Ashley also ensures regulatory compliance for impact investments, and provides legal support for corporate governance, contract administration, and retirement plan administration.

In Ashley’s free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, reading and traveling around the world.

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I would like to see business people try to solve social problems with the same imagination and energy they use to finance a factory or make a deal. Don’t call it philanthropy; call it corporate social investment. Make it integral to business.