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Javare Finley | Technician, IT Helpdesk

Javare Finley is a dedicated and tech-savvy professional, passionate about the world of technology and its ever-evolving landscape. He is motivated not only about advancing his own understanding of this sector, but also about empowering and educating his community about all things tech.

As the IT Helpdesk Technician at Gary Community Ventures, Javare assists his colleagues throughout the office with their computer and technology concerns, providing them with reliable and efficient solutions to their daily tech challenges. Javare began his career as an Advanced Repair Agent, specializing in computer repairs. Over time, he recognized the importance of expanding his expertise and contribution within the tech sector, helping to create tech-empowered workplaces for everyone, regardless of their background, as a means to boost productivity and efficiency. Javare is also pursuing a degree in Computer Science to stay at the forefront of tech innovations.

Beyond work, Javare is a fitness, basketball and fishing enthusiast, balancing his love for tech with an active lifestyle. He believes that a healthy body complements a sharp mind, allowing him to excel in an increasingly fast-paced world.

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