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Lana Martin | Payroll & Benefits Manager

Lana Martin is a thoughtful and concise human resource professional with a deep understanding of employee compensation and benefits. With experience across a range of industries, including technology, healthcare, nonprofit, and construction, Lana has developed pay structures that give her teams a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

In addition to managing complex payrolls, including international and certified payrolls, Lana brings an innovative approach to benefits, striving to serve employees in a holistic manner. By delivering robust benefit offerings and staying ahead of industry trends, Lana has helped her teams achieve high retention rates and increase employee satisfaction.

Lana has a passion for educating companies and employees on how to maximize their benefits. She has developed educational materials and conducted workshops on the topic, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive benefits package.

Lana’s career path has included roles in finance, early childhood education, and insurance, giving her a well-rounded perspective on human resources. Currently, she holds a Certified Senior Human Resource Professional (SPHR) designation and is working toward a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) certification with World at Work.

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