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Lori Schatz | Senior Finance Assistant

Lori Schatz is the Senior Finance Assistant at Gary Community Ventures, and is responsible for all accounting entries and payment processing for every entity within the company. As the final step in the accounting process, Lori prides herself on being the “feeder” of all financial information for her department.

With nearly three decades of experience at Gary, Lori has been a part of the company through many transitions, from the days of the Refinery to where we are today. One of the highlights of her career was playing a key role in the sale of the Wynnewood Refinery, ensuring that the funds were received and used to support the company’s ongoing success and to fulfill founder Sam’s vision.

Lori is a fourth-generation Coloradan with a large family of over three hundred relatives, most of whom live in Denver and the surrounding areas. She is a proud member of the Gary team, dedicated to supporting the company’s ongoing growth and success.

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