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Mary Gerlach | Senior Manager of Brand & Integrated Marketing

Mary Gerlach is a writer, collaborator and optimist. As Senior Brand and Integrated Marketing Manager for Ventures, Mary is responsible for brand development and outreach for the breakthrough solutions that Gary Community Ventures incubates internally. Currently, Mary works closely with the teams responsible for the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth, My Spark Denver and MyFriendBen.

Prior to joining Gary, Mary was responsible for the State of Colorado’s CO4Kids campaign and she worked across the state to recruit foster and adoptive families. Mary began her career in magazine publishing, but quickly transitioned to mission-driven communications at several nonprofits. She has an extensive background in developing and executing marketing and communication campaigns, brand development, media relations and content creation.

Mary believes that strategic communications can build connections across communities. She is committed to sharing authentic stories that increase empathy and understanding. Mary enjoys sipping wine and sharing delicious food with friends and family. She lives in North Aurora with her husband and daughter.

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I would like to see business people try to solve social problems with the same imagination and energy they use to finance a factory or make a deal. Don’t call it philanthropy; call it corporate social investment. Make it integral to business.