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Tiffany Roan | Client Success Manager, The Dearfield Fund

Tiffany Roan serves as the Client Success Manager for The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth. In this role, Tiffany creates and implements a welcome and onboarding program for individuals interested in buying a home. She also engages directly with Dearfield Fund homeowners to identify and provide holistic wealth building strategies through their post-home purchase journey. Tiffany also leads the Dearfield Fund’s community engagement efforts.

Tiffany has spent her career in the financial literacy field, educating individuals and creating curriculum about the practical steps they can take to improve their financial wellbeing. Her recent endeavors have been focused on behavioral finance and intergenerational wealth building for Black and rural households.

One of the things that has drawn her to this work is the influence of family financial decisions and their impact. Born and raised in Tennessee, she saw the repercussions of the lack of financial education and how racial policies negatively affect the ability to obtain wealth for people of color. She desires to provide resources and grow as a subject matter expert to debunk the idea that Black and brown families cannot build wealth and lack financial aptitude.

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