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Struggling to find or create quality childcare & preschool programs in Colorado? You’re not alone. And there’s hope.

Better Beginnings is a podcast exploring Colorado’s changing early childhood system. Season 1 followed one family’s harrowing search for childcare in a state that has some of the most expensive childcare and preschool rates in the nation.

Season 2 will premiere in October 2023. It will explore how to navigate Colorado’s new universal pre-K system, the existential threat being faced by more than 1,000 Colorado childcare providers as a federal funding source expires on Sept. 30, 2023, and what we can all do to reimagine an early childhood system that better supports our state’s kids, working families and economy.

Season 1 is available now. This serial-style, 4-episode podcast provides tips for finding childcare and preschool options in our existing early childhood system, explores how this system got so confounding, and explains how new legislation and technology is challenging the status quo.

If Colorado can continue to innovate, it could mean dramatic improvements for kids, families and providers — and our early childhood system could become a model for the country.


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Special Thanks

Better Beginnings is produced by Gary Community Venture’s certified B Corp, known as Gary Ventures, in support of Better Beginnings Colorado. Special thanks is due to that full coalition, along with the following individuals and organizations who made this podcast possible:

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