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Struggling to find or create quality childcare & preschool programs in Colorado? You’re not alone. We can help.

Colorado has some of the most expensive childcare and preschool rates in the country. And regardless of income levels, our current early childhood system places unnecessary burdens on families looking to access high quality childcare and education options. But one bill is about to change how our entire early childhood system operates, and it could become a model for the country.

The Better Beginnings Podcast follows one family’s harrowing search for childcare in Colorado. Along the way, we’ll explore how our early childhood system got so wonky, provide tips for navigating our existing system and explain how things will likely change under our new system — and what it means for families and early childhood providers.

Join us for this special edition 4-episode podcast premiering April 25, with new episodes premiering the following dates:

  • Episode 3 – May 14: A Legislative Solution to Colorado’s Childcare & Preschool Woes
  • Episode 4 – May 21: How the Dept. of Early Childhood Changes Childcare & Preschool in Colorado

The podcast is currently available on the following platforms. It should also become available soon on Pandora.

Better Beginnings is produced by Gary Community Venture’s certified B Corp, known as Gary Ventures, in support of Better Beginnings Colorado. Special thanks is due to that full coalition, along with the following individuals and organizations who made this podcast possible:

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