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Family Economic Mobility

Use the form below to submit your proposed solution(s).

All that’s needed is a brief overview of your solution to help families increase income, decrease expenses and/or grow wealth.

To learn more about our approach to improving the economic sufficiency and mobility for all Colorado families — as well as our Search for Solutions (SFS) process — use the buttons below.

If you have questions, contact us at

Below is our anticipated timeline for this Family Economic Mobility Search for Solutions process:

  • Search for Solutions window opens: Sept. 9
  • Search for Solutions window closes: Oct. 5
  • Emerging themes announced: Oct. 19
  • Build, Grow, Change decision announcement: Nov. 10
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Search For Solutions: Family Economic Mobility

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Please share a summary of your solution with us, whether it’s in idea stage, or already operational. If helpful to upload a 2-page document or audio/video recording (up to 6 minutes) please do so below. The following questions are meant to guide your submission:

-Share a brief overview of your solution, and what inspired it
-Who do you anticipate can most benefit from your solution? Is there an ideal demographic?
-Are there key partners important to your solution? Who?
-If your solution already exists, how does it work so far? What would take its impact to the next level in the Denver Metro Area? If your solution doesn’t yet exist, what do you think you would need to make it work? 

File Upload Options:

If you prefer to upload a text/video/audio file you have three options below.

1) Upload the file directly (any file type accepted-maximum size= 35mb)
2) Upload the file to google drive and share a viewable link
3) For larger files, upload your file to our Dropbox (note- if you open the link on a mobile phone you can use the phone's camera to record a video and upload directly)

3) Upload larger files directly at this link ( 
Demographic Information: Note: We are using this information to determine if we are reaching a representative section of our communities — and to help us target our engagement when we are not.

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