Two-Generation Approach

Children experience poverty through no fault of their own. They are members of families struggling to make ends meet. Many are born to parents who oftentimes lack the skills and training to get ahead. Because addressing the needs of children does not solve the challenges facing their parents, Gary Community Investments invests in creative solutions that provide opportunities for both children and their families.

Our primary focus is low-income children, prenatal to five years old, with supporting strategies related to their families and the communities in which they live. Our secondary focus is youth up to 18 years old.

Through our investments, we are committed to helping prepare children for educational and economic success from an early age while simultaneously equipping their parents with the tools they need to create healthy family environments and build long-term financial security. 

Learn more about Colorado's early childhood landscape through Colorado's Youngest: A Profile of the 0-5 Population, a data profile that was developed by The Piton Foundation's Shift Research Lab.