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For Every Child

Because all kids deserve a foundation for a healthy life, we expand quality early learning and increase family support to help young children thrive

I find it compelling to see if there’s some way that I can share the opportunities that I’ve sort of taken for granted in my life and try to facilitate opportunities for other people who, really through no fault of their own, have not had the same advantages.”

Sam GaryFounder

Expanding Quality Early Learning

We believe readiness for kindergarten is a key milestone in the lives of all children. If we expand access and improve the learning experiences of children in formal and informal settings they will be more ready for school. To achieve this, we aim to ensure access to Quality Preschool and Child Care.

Strategic Focus Areas

Quality Preschool: If young children have high quality learning experiences in preschool they will have better outcomes in learning by 3rd grade, success in school, and employment and income outcomes. Gary expects to focus on implementation of legislation from the 2022 legislative session that focus on preschool, child care and the start up of the new Department of Early Childhood.

Quality Childcare: If child care strategies support quality in both formal and informal settings, children will be in learning settings that support their development and parents will have the care they need to support their employment goals. Gary is focused on improving child care quality and expanding access to child care subsidies for low income families through family and provider centered redesign.

Increasing Family Supports

If we expand families’ access to and use of knowledge, tools and resources, families will have what they need to support their children’s development and learning. That’s why we focus on ensuring the delivery of more healthy births while supporting the development of early skills and parents’ capacity to develop thriving children.

Strategic Focus Areas

Healthy Births: If Black women and women of color are at the center of the design of perinatal services and experiences, their outcomes will improve dramatically. This strategy will initially launch with a small number of grantees starting in Fall 2022.

Early Skills: If children have the necessary early experiences from early relationships, language exposure, and practicing executive function skills they will have the foundational skills for learning and long-term health outcomes. Gary is actively seeking out tools and interventions that could be tested, launched or scaled in Colorado.

Parent Capacity: If parents have the knowledge they need and the support to reduce the stress of poverty, they will have the capacity to support their children’s development. Gary is interested in exploring and funding a variety of approaches that provide knowledge, practice, and resources to families with young children.

Breakthrough Solutions in School Readiness

A boy of mixed race smiles while he types at the computer and wears headphones.

Learn Start II

Creating the Largest, most detailed pipeline of global education technology companies.

Denver Preschool Program

Pioneering childhood education in Colorado.

YES on Proposition EE Ballot Measure

Building a coalition to expand free preschool to every 4-year-old in the state

How we Create Impact

In each of our outcomes areas, we partner with our community to create long-term impact in the lives of Colorado kids and families. To achieve this we use Gary Philanthropy, to provide grants and build new ventures that result in breakthrough solutions for our community. We use Gary Ventures to make mission investments and enact policy change designed to help generations of Coloradans reach their full potential.

If you’re a nonprofit, impact investor, legislator or member of the community who has a breakthrough solution to share, we want to hear from you.

We’re always looking for
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families thrive.

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Together, we will create the change our community wants to see. Whether you want to discover more about our ventures, or connect with a member of our team, we want to hear from you.